• Jaylyn McCloy

Simple and Easy DIY Backyard Fire Pit

There’s nothing cozier than gathering around a fire with friends and family. Make your home this summer’s new spot for bonfire’s and memories by creating your very own backyard fire pit!

Safety First

Find a spot a good distance away from the house and any low hanging branches or trees. Then call 811 to make sure there are no underground lines that you need to be aware of before you get the process going!

What You’ll Need

  • Stake

  • Marking Paint

  • String

  • Shovel

  • Hand Tamper

  • Gravel Base

  • Water

  • Leveler

  • Cement Trapezoid Blocks

  • Metal Fire Pit Ring

  • Concrete Adhesive

  • Lava Rocks

X Marks the Spot

In our case, “O” marks the spot. Once you have found the perfect area for your fire pit and checked the safety we can begin! We will begin by making a compass out of the stake, marking paint, and string. First drive the stake into the center of where you will want your fire pit to be. Tie one end of the string to the stake and the other end to the marking paint. You will want the string to be long enough to establish the perimeter of your fire pit.

Dig, Dig, and Dig

Using your shovel, dig out the area you have marked. You will remove the sod and dirt with a depth of 2-3 inches. This will be the very base of your fire pit. Once you have dug out the dirt and sod, use your hand tamp to flatten the soil. After, check the ground to ensure it’s as level as possible and apply 2 inches of gravel base. Wet the base with water, tamp, then add another ½ inch of gravel base and tamp again, keeping it level. You won’t want a crooked fire pit!

Building Blocks

After checking that your base is level, lay down your first layer of trapezoid blocks ensuring all sides are touching. Check the size by placing the metal fire pit ring in; if the sizing is off adjust the blocks to make sure the lip of the metal ring sits firmly on the blocks. After you have adjusted your blocks, apply the second layer of blocks staggering them from the first row. Once the second row is set, remove each block one by one, apply the concrete adhesive, and then reposition them back into place. Repeat this process with the third row of blocks.

Finishing Touches

Place the metal fire pit ring in the pit and allow the concrete adhesive. You will then add lava rocks to the base of the pit up to the bottom of the ring. Add your choice of firewood then sit back, relax, and roast some marshmallows over you very own backyard fire pit! Invite your friends and family over so they can admire your hard work.

For visuals and more information check out:



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