Night Life in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is best seen at night. When driving East on 196 down the curve coming from the Lake Michigan exit you can see the sparkle of the city lights reflect off the Grand. The night sky blooms with colors and glistens like stars—it’s my favorite sight to see. I look forward to jamming my aux as I speed along the curves and watch as the city suddenly comes alive. What is even better than viewing the city from afar is being right in the middle of it all. Grand Rapids has the best nightlife. Every restaurant comes alive with patrons and whiskey drinkers. The cocktails start flowing and the music gets louder. People wake up from their midday slumber and come out on the town dressed to their

5 Unique Pet Stores in Grand Rapids

Fido & Stitch This unique pet store is where owners take their dogs who are treated as members of the family. Fido & Stitch believe that the health of your companion is important and they pride themselves in carrying healthy, top-quality food brands to assure your dog is eating their best. If you need help discovering the best food for your dog, they offer customers a chance to talk to one of their nutrition specialists! Aside from food, a wide selection of fun dog toys and accessories are available to make your dog feel loved and their excellent grooming services will keep your dog looking their finest. No matter the size or breed, you will find everything essential and fun, for your preci

Mental Health Care

This year has been painful for all of us. School has been frustrating, work has been difficult, home life has been lonely, and our social life has dwindled. 2020 has been a defeating year-- a whirlwind with issues hitting us from every direction. Covid has not been the only problem: wildfires, hurricanes, the upcoming election, social justice matters, and much more have affected our mentality this year. Mental health has been a major implication of this year’s antics. It’s important that we realize when we feel like we are falling apart and get the help we need. We have to take the time to sit back and readjust in order for us to get through the rest of this year on a positive note. Making t

Guide to Living Minimally

We live in a consumerist society where owning more is believed to cause happiness and promote popularity. It is a society induced competition, but many people are breaking away from the status quo to live simpler lives where the motto, less is more. Living minimally has attracted a crowd that strives to live within their means without cluttering their lives with materialistic wants. The lifestyle encourages a calming environment where stress is not brought on by owned possessions and attention is redirected onto living a healthy, simpler life. Where to Start Setting goals is important in transitioning to a minimal lifestyle. Personal stepping stones need to be established to be able to track

How to Buy A Home with Student Loans

You would think after graduating college that a weight would finally be lifted off your shoulders. Sadly, that is not the case. Now you have entered the world of rejection, job hunting, money-saving, and life-altering decisions that will make or break your bank. For some, it feels as if they will be paying rent for a small studio until the end of time. With student loans being that little devil on your shoulder nagging at you, while the angel is hope for buying a house, a car, and settling down. Ultimately, the little devil wins since it is worth 100,000 dollars in student loan debt. An astronomical amount for anyone who is wanting to settle in their 20’s. For anyone graduating from college

Celebrating Día de Muertos

This year has been one for the books. Changes are occurring all around the world and this season, I thought we could all learn more in depth about our neighboring country's culture. While in America we are readying ourselves for our spooky holiday quickly approaching, in Mexico they are preparing to celebrate their well-known, beautiful holiday, Día de Muertos. Day of the Dead is a celebration of passed loved ones’ lives. Held on November 1st and 2nd of every year, the people of Mexico honor their loved ones with a safe return back to this world with many beloved traditions. It is filled with color and laughter, traditional foods and drinks, and brings families together to celebrate life. Al

Grand Rapids Brewery Series: Founders Brewing Co.

Founders Brewing Co. found on 235 Grandville Ave. SW in downtown Grand Rapids is a rapidly growing and world-renowned brewery started in our very own city. Founders bottles and cans their beers where they are distributed all over the US. Founders is the biggest brewery in Michigan, and it was founded in 1997-- it surpassed Bell’s Brewery in 2017 and its numbers continue to rise rapidly. The brewery occupies a huge warehouse that used to be a former trucking depot. The brewery is ginormous and has architecture that is both urban yet country. The dedication to wood and the ceiling beams makes it feel like you are in an upscale barn, while the black metal embellishments and red brick take you b

5 Creative Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

It is finally October and we are all preparing for the spooky season to come! One staple that brings joy to all our lives during the fall is decorating pumpkins, and while store bought stencils are always fun, it has come to my attention that people are leveling-up their pumpkin carving game with easy alternatives that look stunning. Let’s jump on this bandwagon and go over a few ways to spice up your pumpkins to make your front porch look spooky and dazzling this October. Painted Pumpkins Orange pumpkins, so last year, because people are breaking out their paints and giving their typical orange pumpkins a fresh face. It is all over Pinterest: white pumpkins, black pumpkins, multicolor, and

Shop Local

Grands Rapids is chalked full of amazing stores and markets. The goods they sell are unique and beautiful while the food is farm fresh and delicious. Every item you find, every ingredient you pick up were all hand selected by passionate business owners and farmers. Local owners create an experience at their businesses through their products, customer service, and originality, and Grand Rapids is full of beautiful and creative businesses waiting for you to stop by. There are so many local businesses that could be listed, but that would be a very long blog and a whole lot of time. Grand Rapids has a store for every need you could imagine and it’s always a great feeling to stray away from Walma

5 Art Exhibits to Visit at the Grand Rapids Art Museum This Fall

While it came as no surprise that ArtPrize 2020 had been cancelled, it still saddened the citizens of West Michigan who looked forward to attending the immense event. Since 2009, ArtPrize has presented itself throughout the streets and buildings of Grand Rapids. It has welcomed people of all ages and has become a learning experience and conversation piece for every visitor who admires the hundreds of works being presented. With a plethora of exhibits and pieces each year, ArtPrize has taught the Grand Rapids area how art can speak to and influence its audience, and this year, our streets have gone silent. Although our streets and buildings won’t be filled with art this year, the Grand Rapids

Pure Michigan Hotspots Perfect for this Fall Season

Michigan is beautiful in the Fall. It truly is a wonderful state full of natural beauty, craft beer, gorgeous lakes, and of course it has Grand Rapids. Which honestly just speaks for itself, but anyways northern Michigan is home to many awesome cities. Traverse City, Petoskey, Charlevoix, Mackinac Island, Marquette, and Ludington, to name a few. Most of these cities have one major common factor, and that is their proximity to a Great Lake. Most being Lake Michigan. But I am a little bias when it comes to these cities and Lake Michigan, but still, Michigan is just a great state. You can’t go wrong. Except maybe during the Winter. Michigan makes me rethink for a second if it is actually THAT g

Cozy Activities This Fall Season

With colorful leaves falling all around us it is evident that Michigan has changed seasons and it is not looking back. Let’s pack away our shorts and sandals because fall has arrived in Michigan and there are many fun ways I like to transition from those hot summer days into chilly autumn. Since our spring and summer were hindered by COVID-19, that doesn’t mean we should hold back for fall. Outside fall activities are in abundance and if it’s too chilly outside, there are many ways I like to bring fall inside with a few quick and easy projects. I love being outside in the fall. It’s not too hot where we will sweat as we walk out our door, but it isn’t cold enough to pull out our winter jacke

Fall Cocktails You Can Make at Home

With Fall comes its flavors. Pumpkin spice, apple cider, cranberry, pecan, caramel apple, maple, and anything spiced. It’s a great time of the year to begin becoming your own bartender and to add these delicious flavors into your favorite classic cocktails! Going out for drinks can be expensive as it is and with Covid it can now be a stressful and difficult experience. That’s why staying in and having a couple friends and family members over for a Saturday night drink can be the perfect solution. Not only do you get to be creative and become your own bartender, but ultimately, it’s always nice to have a relaxing and comfortable night in with close friends who know how to have a good conversa

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