Grand Rapids Gyms Reopening: Let's Talk Safety

Gyms in Michigan have reopened for business as of September 9th, and they are strictly following health guidelines made by officials. Some gyms are going beyond the basics and regulating their members' safety to the best of their abilities by implementing further steps to make sure members can workout without a worry. Here are some of the most popular gyms in Grand Rapids that are taking health precautions to the next level. Planet Fitness has reopened their doors to members who are eager to return to their familiar spots on the treadmill. While allowing a limited number of gym-goers in at a time, Planet Fitness has also stepped up their cleaning procedures to allow everyone a safe and clean

Grand Rapids Brewery Series: Brewery Vivant

Brewery Vivant located on Cherry Street in Uptown Grand Rapids has a lot going for it. Not only is it uniquely located, in an old funeral home, with stained glass windows and pitched ceilings! But the beer is angelic, food is spiritual, and their dedication to sustainability is amazing! Have you ever walked into a brewery and have seen a bar stationed in front of a stained glass window? Or have you ever seen pitched ceilings decorated with timber tresses and ornate dangling lanterns? Me neither. That’s why Brewery Vivant is a truly unique and wonderful experience any GR resident or visitor should experience firsthand! Brewery Vivant offers an abundance of their brewed beverages from IPA’s, s

Fall Comfort Food Found Around Grand Rapids

As the cold season approaches, I begin to yearn for food that will warm my insides. Hot cocoa, soup, grilled cheese, hot coffee, pastries, waffles, and crepes to name a few. My mouth waters just thinking about them. I love food as much as the next person, but when your cold exterior is melted by the warm liquid of hot cocoa trickling down your throat it’s just a whole other experience that I gladly look forward to come this Fall season. Grand Rapids is the perfect city to find those cozy meals. Many restaurants offer takeout so doesn’t it sound wonderful to grab a cup of hot cocoa and cuddle up with a blanket and a book on your front porch? Or one morning bring home crepes for you and your f

Beautiful Home Decor to Spruce Up Your Home

I love decorating. It’s not healthy for me or my bank account. I love cute things and colors, and it shows in my home. Every once and awhile I catch myself staring at one of my decorated or non-decorated walls and try to figure out what can be done to make it better. To bring the wall to life. I have finally found the sweet spot, or sweet spots I should say, that can do just that. The ultimate secret is thrift stores and antique shops. You have now entered the world of beautiful and cheap interior decorating, and there is no going back. I’ve tried. Therefore, I feel an obligation to tell you how to turn your great finds into beautiful home decor. Mismatched Vases Become Stylish and Simple Po

Fall Date Night Ideas

Our favorite time of the year is here! Ditch those swimsuits for a comfy, oversized sweater and ditch that iced coffee for a cup of warm, succulent, good for your soul hot coffee. We are about to enter the season of warm clothes and fuzzy feelings and it is time to embrace that pumpkin-loving, apple obsessed side of you and dive right into Fall. Some of you might be thinking that “we are only halfway through September” and you’re right, we are. But please understand this is one and the same with people who put out their Christmas decorations or TREE after Halloween. So, if you early Christmas addicts don’t agree, then just take a look at yourselves around November and you will understand my

Grand Rapids Brewery Series: New Holland Brewing Co. - The Knickerbocker

In downtown Grand Rapids, on Bridge Street, you can find an abundance of unique, trendy, and urban iterations on breweries and authentic restaurants. Prominent and largest among them is, New Holland Brewing Co. – The Knickerbocker. When walking through the orange and black embellished front doors you are welcomed into the world of New Holland Brewing. Or should I say a modern take on Game of Thrones? New Holland’s elevated ceilings paired with its structural pillar design and dark, ominous lighting create the scene of something almost medieval. Even the metal dragon greeting you at the front door makes you think twice if you have entered a brewery or have actually entered Westeros. New Holla

The Perfect House Plants for Your Home

House plants are universal. They do so much without doing anything at all. They added texture, color, depth, and life to my house without being too expensive or too needy. For a girl who loves to be pampered but does not want to give it back, I can tell you that all my plants have been neglected, but are thriving, nonetheless. House plants really can survive on the bare minimal, which make them the perfect addition to a busy and bustling lifestyle. In total I can count that I have 15 house plants, and each one is better than the last, except for my pothos plants, they are superior and highest among all house plants, but I will tell you more about that later. For now, I will go through every

Living Healthy and Sustainably

Two years ago, I moved into a cute, quaint house in the westside of downtown Grand Rapids. Being a big fan of home decor and having a mother who has horded weird knick-knacks and antique furniture her entire life, I knew this house was not going to be empty or have any lack in character. This was going to be my dream downtown GR house that I had always wanted. My bachelor pad you might say. I moved in when I was 20 with two roommates, and I knew that was the beginning of the greatest years of my life. I knew what I wanted in this house right away, being a mega-fan of Fixer Upper and having an eye for cute things, and a mother who loved to help even when she shouldn’t. I knew this house’s sty

The Beginning of the COVID-19 School Year

Back to school this Fall does not look the same for schools across Grand Rapids, Michigan, or even the US as students of all ages begin a new school year. Normally, we expect to see swarms of people gathered around the "Back To School" section at Meijer, or parents frantically trying to ready their kids for school with haircuts, new clothes, and doctors’ appointments for that physical before soccer and football season start. But this year everything is clouded by the constant haze of the inevitable effects of COVID-19 that will most likely wreak havoc on the fun and exciting aspects of a new school year. This year, kids will either be attending school via computer in the comfort and safety o

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