DIY of the Week - Concrete Fire Pit

Summer days are hot, but some summer nights get super cold. But don't let that stop you from enjoying your backyard on a beautiful summer night. Instead, add a firepit to your backyard! This DIY concrete fire pit has a clean look and is simple to make! You won't have to waste anymore beautiful summer night just because of a little cold with this fire pit in your backyard! Check out our DIY video of the week to create your very own concrete fire pit for your backyard and be able to take advantage of this summer as much as possible!

At Home Exercises- No Weights Needed!

Have you been missing the gym since the stay at home order began? Are you feeling a little bit like a couch potato? How about using this time to get in shape, rather than binge watching Netflix shows! We’ve come up with a list of at home exercises that you can do that don’t require you to have a single weight in your house! Who said you can’t get in shape without a gym? Deck of Cards Got a deck of cards laying around? That’s all you’re going to need for this at home workout! We like to call this little routine “Death by Deck of Cards”. Want to know why? Here’s the rules: - Hearts = Push ups - Diamonds = V-ups - Spades = Air squats - Clubs = Burpees - The number on the card pulled is the amou

DIY of the Week - Cooler Ice Chest

Looking for a way to spice up your backyard for summer? Here is the perfect solution for you! This DIY patio cooler ice chest is perfect for any backyard! You no longer have to look at that old cooler or hurt your back reaching down to get a refreshing beverage. Not only does this ice chest look beautiful, but it functions incredibly well! Check out our DIY video of the week as it shares how you can take advantage of this summer by creating a beautiful, functional ice chest for your backyard patio!

Get Crafty with Wine Corks!

If you’re like a lot of, you may be trying to find ways to keep yourself busy. Or you may be kickin’ back and enjoying a nice glass (or two) of wine at night. What better way to keep yourself busy than reusing those wine corks for a classy, unique home decoration? We’ve collected a list of beautiful, easy ways to give those wine corks a new life! Cork Candle Holder This corky craft is super simple but looks beautiful at any time of the day! All you need is a few bottles of wine for those fancy corks, two clear glasses, and a candle! Whatever size fits your space best, just put a candle in a small glass, put that glass into a bigger glass and fill the surroundings with corks! Super simple, cl

DIY of the Week: Outdoor Bar

Are you getting even more and more anxious for summer? So are we! What better way to take advantage of that warm summer weather than an outdoor bar? This outdoor bar would be perfect for making some strong margaritas for you and some friends, or kiddie-cocktails for the kids! This bar is big enough to hold all your beverage necessities, as well as small enough to fit in just about any backyard! Check out our DIY video of the week as it shares how you can take advantage of this awesome, custom bar to enjoy in your backyard this summer!

Tips and Tricks During COVID-19

Here at The Lucas Howard Group, our thoughts and prayers are going out to everyone who has been impacted by COVID-19. For the individuals who are sick right now, we are hoping you have a speedy recovery. We also want to send a thank you to all the healthcare providers, first responders and essential workers during this time. Your selflessness, heart, and hard work is not going unappreciated. We want to remind everyone that we will get through this and come out stronger than ever before. Below are a few helpful tips and tricks during this time to keep you motivated, positive and on track for a successful future. Working From Home Tips Working from home is one of the many new things for a lot

DIY of the Week: Farmhouse Porch Swing

Although it may not seem like it at times, spring is coming! We promise! Are you looking for a way to incorporate more seating into your front or backyard? This short video shows you how you can make a beautiful $40 farmhouse porch swing! This adorable swing will allow you to utilize that extra space on your porch and add more seating for your family and guests! Plus, kids will love this porch swing! Check out our DIY video of the week as it shares how you can take advantage of this beautiful porch swing for your front or back porch!

Declutter Your Home in a Few Easy Steps!

While spending so much time at home, it’s easy to just kick back and watch TV all day. But what about tackling that “To-Do” List that you just never had time for before? I’m sure decluttering your junk drawer, decluttering your closet, or just your home in general is somewhere on that list. With the help of Laura Forbes Carlin, the author of Clutter-free Parenting, you can declutter any area on your “To-Do” list in just one day! We’ve also added a few additional tips to help you out along the way! Laura Forbes Carlin’s Declutter Process in Just 4 Steps Step 1: Pick an Area The first step is picking an area that you want to declutter! Whether that’s an area that causes extra emotional stress

DIY of the Week: Kid-Friendly Reading Nook

Are you looking to get creative after having your kids home for awhile? Looking for a way to make them a little more interested in reading during their spare time instead of playing on electronics? We have the perfect solution for you! This cute and simple reading-nook is sure to excite your kids and make them want to relax and grab a new book! Plus, it gives you a reason to spice up their room and get active! Check out our DIY video of the week as it shares how you can take advantage of the opportunity to create an area specifically for your kids to enjoy reading more!

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