Open House Tips and Tricks

The weather is getting better this time of year in Grand Rapids which means that there are more open houses that are happening. If you're thinking about selling your home and doing an open house, here are a few tips and tricks: - Clear clutter: Buyers get turned off when there are too many small decorations, too many appliances on the kitchen counters, too much furniture, etc. All of the clutter makes it difficult for the visitors to picture themselves and their own things in your place. - Enhance curb appeal: The first thing that potential buyers are going to see is the exterior of your home. Paint the front door and/or exterior if there needs work, mow the law, trim bushes/trees, and pl

Happy Client's Day!

Today is all about celebrating clients, and letting them know that they're appreciated. This past weekend, we hosted our Date Night at Slow Bar BQ in the Downtown Market, which was our event for our amazing clients. As a thank you for trusting and hiring us, we invited all of our past and present clients to hang out with us and enjoy a free take and bake meal. Over 200 clients attended! Visit our Facebook and Instagram to see our Date Night recap video! Photos on blog by: Emily Seymour

Five Tips for Stress-Free Mornings

Picture this: Your alarm goes off but you turn it off and go to bed for five more minutes. Or maybe ten more minutes. When you finally decide to get up, you're running late and stressed out because you had so much to do in the morning. Does this sound familiar? We thought so. Here are five tips on how you can avoid stress in the morning. 1. Go to bed early Easier said than done, right? Set reminders on your phone an hour before to remind you that you need to go to bed soon. Stop scrolling on Facebook while you’re in bed, and put your phone down. 2. Choose your outfit the night before Check the weather for the next day, and choose your outfit the night before to save a few minutes. 3.

The Benefits of House Plants

We all know that plants add a nice touch to our interior spaces, but did you know that there are actual benefits to having plants in your space? Plants purify air and help you breathe easier - According to NASA research, plants can remove up to 87% of VOCs every 24 hours. VOCs are volatile organic compounds, which include substances like formaldehyde (present in cigarette smoke), benzene and trichloroethylene (both found in paint, inks, and solvents). Plants help reduce stress - According to many experiments, people experience less stress when there are plants around them. Plants improve your learning abilities - Not only do plants help boost productivity levels, but they also boost your le

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