Five Tips for Renovating Before Selling

The best time to sell your home is approaching in a few months. One of the things that most sellers do is renovate their home before selling it. We figured we'd share a few tips on how to renovate your home before it's time to put it on the market. So if you're thinking about selling, keep reading! 1. Start small - The last thing you want to be is overwhelmed. Start with the small stuff, like adding new fixtures or painting. New fixtures can totally change the look of your home, and painting is a simple, inexpensive, and one of the best things you can do for your home. New paint instantly makes a space feel fresh and clean. A little can go a long way! 2. Spruce up your exterior - We a

How to Light-up Your Room

When you have a house with no overhead lights, thinking about how many lights to add can be a challenge. You want to make sure you have enough light, but don't want the room to be too bright and overwhelming. There is a great rule of thumb that you may not know to have the ideal lighting without ceiling lights. Once simple way to have more light is to increase the wattage of each light bulb. If your place doesn't have lights on the ceiling then you will want to make the most out of the lighting that you do have. No matter what options you chose, its helpful to have a higher wattage light bulb to brighten the place up more. The most common way to increase lighting in a room without any ceilin

What's a Duvet?

When shopping for bedding you probably have heard of duvets. With some companies using the term duvet interchangeably with comforters, many people are unsure of what the difference is. So what exactly is a duvet, and what are the pros and cons of having one? Basically, a duvet is similar to a giant pillowcase, in which you place fill into. it gets kind of confusing because you can place a comforter inside of a duvet. Unlike a comforter, which is ready to go right out of the bag, duvet's require this fill in order to be ready for use. The duvet covers, and fills, are usually purchased separately. So now that you know the difference, what are the pros and cons of duvets? Duvets are easier to c

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