Table Takeover

A lot happens at the dining room table. With homework, games, crafts all happening there it can be hard stressful when you go to use the table for its actual purpose, eating, and it is filled with clutter. The traditional dining room set up is not designed with this busy modern lifestyle in mind, so here are some clever tips to keep your dining room table clear. If you don't already, have a buffet severer in your dining room. This is extremely helpful for storing everything that you will want to use in your dining room, not just fancy plates and tablecloths. Have a drawer dedicated to the games your family like to play together for easy access. Having this will allow them to be out of sight,

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is often talked about in passing. Many people joke around about the Feng Shui, or the energy, being off in the room. We all have had that feeling of walking into a poorly decorated room, and just automatically feeling off. Feng Shui is a Chinese geometry theory of decorating rooms that focuses on balancing the room. Many major corporations use Feng Shui experts to design their offices to enhacne productivitiy. Feng Shui focuses on matching your energy with your home's energy. There are many aspects to Feng Shui that major designers incorporate into their work. Getting rid of clutter is one Feng Shui concept that has recently become viral. Clutter is seen as sucking energy. Not o

How to Make a Room Bigger

Small rooms make you feel cramped and closed in. Clutter is often a problem, and these small rooms can easily have this cluttered look. Follow these simple steps to make your small room feel large, and not cluttered. Monochromatic rooms make space look bigger. Keeping the room with one color theme, contrasting colors break up space. Instead of changing the color, change the texture of items in a room to make it seem bigger. Use light colors. Medium shades make a room appear smaller. Light colors help make a room seem airy and spacious. Bigger is better! Having a few pieces that are larger makes a room seem larger than having many smaller items. Having a couch and a chair makes a room feel bi

The DO's and DON'Ts of Color in Rooms

Choosing the color that you paint rooms in your house not only has an impact design-wise but also changes the mood that you feel when you enter a room. Have you ever noticed how restaurants use red? That's because it said to make someone want more, and increase appetite. Bright colors versus dark colors. Bright colors are friendly colors that encourage communication. Its because of their communication enhancement that they are good for dining rooms, and kitchens. Dark colors bring comfort and security but can have a gloomy effect. Dark colors look good on walls and should be used with caution to make sure that the gloominess of dark colors is not felt on guests. Warm colors versus cool color

How to Organize Your Bedroom Closet

The closet is often the place that we forget to clean. It can be easy to just throw clothes inside time after time and soon enough your closet is a black hole of disheveled clothes all over the place. Many of us have tried to organize closets before but failed because it does not match the way that we naturally want to use our closet. In order to get the most out of the clothes, you have to take the time to create a system that displays all of your clothes. The first step in the process is to know your limits on what you are capable of maintaining. While intricate organization systems seem appealing, know what your patience level will allow you to do one day when you are feeling lazy. On a s

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