Make the Most out of your Multipurpose Room

There is always that one room in your house that ends up being the all purpose room. The room where everything happens. When guests stay, they stay there, the kids play there, its also the office. It easy for that room to turn into a cluttered mess. There is a way to have this room without having it look like a room that the kids took over. Here are some tips to make the most out of the multipurpose room. Make sure everything has two purposes. When you buy your coffee table, either buy one where you can add bins underneath, or buy one that opens up and you can store things inside. A coffee table is one of the center pieces in any room, so make sure that this looks "adult" and polished. Inste

5 Questions to Determine if Your Home Modern.

When looking at home you often hear that things need to be more "modern" and are outdated. What exactly makes a home modern? It can be hard to pin point the exact detail that make a home modern. Here is are questions to ask yourself to see if your home truly follows the new "modern" design trend. 1. Does it have clean lines. Having clean lines is a staple of modern designs in homes. Modern homes have no details in the line. An example of the clean lines in modern homes is when it comes to the railing of staircases. Modern homes will have straight lines, while more traditional home will have curved details. 2. Do you follow minimalism? Modern houses have a lack of clutter. They follow the "le

What is the "Rustic" Style?

Having a rustic home means more than simply having a home that is a log cabin, Rustic design has many elements. The rustic style applies to more than log cabins and has many great elements that can applied to your home. The staple of rustic design is the natural elements. This is seen in every element of this design style. The wall colors for rustic homes are neutral colors that come from nature, wood paneling is also often seen on rustic walls. The décor that is featured in rustic homes draw from nature, with faux furs, non shiny metals, leathers and more. Wood is seen throughout rustic homes. Wood beams, wood paneling, wood floors, wood décor elements, wood is vital to the rustic design. I

Winterize Your Home

The first snow fall is said to be November 9, winter is sure to follow shortly after. Have you done everything you need in your home to prepare? There are many ways to save energy during winter months if you prepare correctly. Here are some tips to help you get ready. Make sure you have the proper tools to get rid of the snow. Start up your snow blower to make sure that you are not in for any surprises when you have to use it. Get your shovels out, and make sure that you have salt ready for icy sidewalks. Have an emergency kit in your car in case you get stuck in the snow. There are many items to add to your emergency kit in the winter months. Have a blanket in your car, kitty litter is also

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