Our Notes from Next Level Agents

Vija Williams Failure Framework Seek it out Control your second reaction we can’t control the first, but we can control the second 3. Create the question habit Seek It Out Fail big, fast, and often. thinking in bets 2. Take Big Swings and expect Big Misses 3. Think in terms of percentage risk and expect uncertainty. Be a scientist, everything is unproven and one big split test. 4. Annie Duke: Decisions one bets on the future. 5. Define and measure yourself not by your outcome, but by your process! Amygdala - the fear center of your brain. Learn to control it! Controlling Your Second Reaction First response - fear - amygdala You can’t control your first thought, but you can control your secon

Buying Vacant Land: The Do’s and Don'ts

Finding that perfect dream home can be difficult, especially if it hasn’t been built yet. Joking aside, lots of people build their own homes to fit their needs. However, before you just go out and buy some vacant land, we have a couple of suggestions on how to avoid the pitfalls of taking on such a tremendous task. 1.) Go with a Pro When you buy a house, you work with a real estate agent to discuss the finer details of the process. Buying land requires the same process, just with an agent who knows how to discuss land deals. Treat the land almost like a house; you have to negotiate with the seller to determine the final price you will be potentially paying. 2.) Don’t Expect a Loan This sound

Flipping Houses

Home improvement shows aren’t the only ones that can flip a home for profit. You can too! In 2016, figures from Trulia indicated that over 6% of home sales were from flipping homes. It is an investment, but when done right, it can be a great one! What is House Flipping? Simply put, house flipping is when an investor buys a house with the purpose of re-selling the house quickly. The usual method of flipping a house involves buying property that will need repairs and updates to re-sell at a higher price. We emphasize that flipping a home is great “when done right.” Flipping houses is not done in thirty minute montages on TV. It takes work, and it takes knowledge of real estate. Investing in a

Our Notes from Grant Cardone

We had the privilege of hearing Grant Cardone speak and share his wisdom. We found what he had to say incredibly valuable and because of this, we wanted to take a minute to share our notes with you. Grant Cardone April 26th, 2018 1. Have Blue Collar Mentality 2. Plan for things you would never even think of. 3. Don't be an Astronaut, be NASA 4. Come out of misery and into certainty, that’s when you close. 5. The game has changed: when people see it, they believe it. Don’t negotiate with your face, write it down. Giver certainty. A.Yes your home is worth 5/10k more...overtime...it might take 12 months to get there. B. You’re going to solve my problem and close me, or you’re going to have a mu

Benefits of Staging Your Home

What is home staging? Well, it is the idea of redecorating your house to showcase its best qualities and assets in order to impress potential buyers so they will fall in love with your home and want to buy it. Why Do it? Home staging is not a new concept, but one that has proven beneficial to many sellers in recent years. The Real Estate Staging Association found that 73% of homes sold faster and for more money when they were professionally staged. Hiring a professional home stager will help you weigh your options on what your home needs to look its best. Home Staging is focused on creating a marketable space that will reach as wide an audience as possible. A professional stager will help yo

The Millennial Home Buyer

If you are a millennial reading this, it may sound hard to believe. Buying a home in your 20’s? That sounds impossible, what with potential student loans, low-paying jobs, and (potentially) no significant other to help out with payments. Blogger Lauren Bowling was single and owned her own home by the age of 26. Here are some tips from her blog that prove it can be done! 1.) Know Where You Want to Live One of Lauren’s biggest pieces of advice was to know exactly where you want to settle. She moved to New York for two years before finally settling back in her home state, Georgia. Settling into one location is crucial to knowing whether you want to buy a home. You aren’t just investing in a per

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