Real Estate Myths

Can you believe that agents keep all of the commission? If you do, that is a serious rumor about the real estate industry, and don’t believe it. Every industry has its rumors, and real estate is no exception. A lot of the rumors center around agents and valuing homes. We just want to share some of the rumors you might have heard, and what the real truth is about these rumors. 1.) Agents Keep Total Commission First of all, commission is paid to the agent’s employing brokerage, who then pays that money over to the agent. The brokerage will earn the commission taken from either the buyer or seller, and then take out their share from the commission. The spilt depends on three things: the company

It's Tax Day!

Today is the last day to file for tax returns! Tax returns are a nice chunk of change to get back, and a great first step towards a down payment on a home! Have you ever considered using your tax refund for this? Tax refunds have become a popular tool for making the first down payment. Why the Tax Refund? According to the Internal Revenue Service, the average tax refund was found to be $3,120 in 2017. For first-time home buyers looking in the $100,000 price range houses, they could be expecting a 3.5% down payment on the home from the FHA, which would be around $6,000. Even if the tax refund doesn’t pay for all of it, paying for half of it is still good. Not only that, using your tax refund

Home Improvements Pay Off

Are you trying to get your house out on the market, but think your house may need a bit of sprucing up? Here are a couple areas of the house where sprucing up the joint will add incredible value to your home. Power of Paint One tip we would highly suggest is to paint your rooms. One of the easiest, and most cost effective, ways to spruce up your house is to give the walls a fresh coat of paint. They’ll look clean, up to date, and very appealing to potential buyers. If you are looking to paint the walls a new color, neutral colors appeal to the broadest range of people. Valuable Rooms One of the best rooms in the house to update is the bathroom. Some key features that you could update in your

Open House: The Final Preparations

The open house is crucial to getting your house out to potential buyers. If you want maximum appeal at this pivotal moment, take these tips to heart, write them down, and prep yourself. Clean, Clean, Clean One of the biggest things you can do is to clear your house of any clutter in the house. Whether you rent some storage space or ask a friend if they have an empty garage, rid your house of anything that is unnecessary, even if you’ve had your house staged. Clean the exterior of the exterior of the house. Clean the walls, the front door, rain gutters, and so on. Even a new welcome mat goes a long way at an open house. In the interior, make sure every appliance is shining and spotless. Every

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