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Welcome and thank you for visiting The Lucas Howard Group website, your online resource for all your real estate needs in Grand Rapids, Michigan and surrounding areas.

The LHG has been serving the Greater Grand Rapids area since 2004. We have built a sterling reputation for success by delivering unparalleled, personalized customer service. As a testament to our reputation we are in the top 1% of the 2,500 agents that are members on the Grand Rapids Real Estate Board.
Real Estate is not our job, it's our passion, is not only our mission statement but the cornerstone of our business. Our genuine interest in establishing and building strong relationships with our clients and business partners has earned us the utmost trust and respect throughout the real estate industry. The LHG is made up of the city's industry leading marketing specialists and buyers' agents.

We continuously strive to deliver impeccable service through meticulous communication, proficient market knowledge, and endless attention to detail.

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